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Powered by Dynamics 365, Property-xRM ties together technology, acumen and control, not only to untwine processes but also to facilitate focus on the things that matters. Do more with our Microsoft award winning real estate CRM suite. Property-xRM is an intuitive solution that focuses on making your journey with the customer beautiful. Bring all operations closer and be on the inner track, enjoy the power of automation and eliminate routine tasks like payment scheduling/management, extended tools to improve sales and support operations.

Our Story

Metadata technologies was founded in 2002 starting its humble beginnings by offering services to Asteco properties in the middle east. Garnering trust and evolving in 17 years Metadata and Property-xRM, today makes property management & sales easy for over 80 real estate companies including several large developers in the region


We believe in the potential of enterprises regardless of size and scale. Doing our duty well we promise to power the value makers of our economy to build quality businesses that transform lives.

Our Vision

Revolutionize the real estate CRM industry by breaking grounds with strategic steps and technology that collaborates in harmony. We want organizations to embrace their business and build relationships that are permanent.

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“Majority of our customers double their lead conversion rates, reduce delivery cycle times phenomenally and achieve ROI in less than 8 months”

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