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Residential CRM Solutions

Residential CRM Solutions

residential crm solutions

If there is any part of the solution that is needed to be a core part of the Real Estate Employee’s success, it is definitely the Residential CRM Solutions. After all, getting new leads along with nurturing the existing or previous customers takes a lot of time.

Managing residential units is never easy. With over thousands of options – some freebies and some expensive solutions — some free and some costing thousands of dollars a month — how do Real Estate Developers find out which product is the best for their business?

Residential CRM manages Residential Units and Transactions

residential crm solution

Property-xRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM with built-in Residential CRM Solutions module, helps you manage your Residential Units and transactions with ease. The step-by-step real estate process in Residential CRM helps you in attaining timely follow-ups and activities. It takes you through the entire sales/lease process right from lead to qualification booking, sales, invoicing, receipts and then extends to post sales activities like renewal, transfer, upgrade/ downgrade, variation agreements etc.

With Residential CRM, one can have the entire firm with a single view of each contact and customer. Store both customer data and a complete history of the customer relationship, as well as transaction details related to that customer, refer to the content – or update it – anywhere, on any device.