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About Us

Property Management CRM For Real estate developers

Why Property-xRM ?

Property-xRM is a Microsoft Gulf Award Winning Property Management CRM Software Suite that has been implemented to several Property Management companies across the region. It carries the latest standards for Property Management Technology. Property-xRM (available on both on premise and cloud) blends stylish design, evolving technologies, and thoughtful features.

Property Sales Software For Business Growth

Property-xRM property sales software is particularly developed for professional property sales. Our property sales software is entirely customizable to serve your business needs. Real Estate is all about individuals. Property-xRM keeps you connected with your customers.

  • Each contact information summarizes important information on one page, including the source of leads
  • Property-xRM helps you generate Property Management Leads, Booking Forms, Receipts, Lease Contracts etc. Easily send and save all these details via emails and communications with your people portfolio.
  • Fast access to Property Sales / Property Management or Leasing transaction history files, transactions, contact info and more – all in one page.
  • Track your outstanding payments, tasks, critical dates, and special events.
  • Organize and create unlimited custom ‘tags’ to easily create groups, lists and find people.
  • Send, receive, and capture information in one go!
  • Property-xRM provides a 360 degree view of your valuable customers.

Creating Contentment

A sustainable business is built on relationships. Real Estate Developers (like all small business owners) who welcome, build, and maintain personal relationships succeed with time.

Property-xRM maintains unit information, tracks your property sales, and keeps you on schedule and much more! But most important, our Property Management CRM helps you to attain the best outcome!

Property Management CRM For Business Growth

Our Story

Metadata Technologies was started in 2002 with the first client, Asteco Properties. Property-xRM is a property management and property sales software solution that has matured over 15 years! We have 80+ Real Estate implementations (Large and Mid-sized Developers) completed across the region!

Property Sales Software Philosophy


We believe small business founders are the value creators in our economy. If we do our jobs well, we help people build quality businesses that fuel fulfilling lives.

Property Sales Software Vision


Just like the iPhone transformed cell phones, docusign freed agents from the fax machine, Property-xRM aspires to revolutionize the Real Estate / Property Management CRM industry. Property-xRM’s tools let Real Estate agents build relationships and embrace being a small business.

Workflows that go way beyond general Property Management CRMs

The power of Property-xRM Workflow Platform lies in its flexibility to handle everything from the most common systems to more sophisticated, conditional based workflows for your entire team, making your Property Sales, Property Management, leasing, more productive and efficient.

Property-xRM integrates with the most popular add-ons and Business Solutions too!

Property-xRM – powered by the World Class Business Platform Microsoft Dynamics 365, integrates with various add-ons across the internet. The solution can also be integrated with your existing ERP Solutions.

Questions? Here are some answers.

  • Do you need a CRM?

    No. You can earn a living generating leads and selling homes without a property CRM. However, if you want to build a sustainable business, a CRM is essential.

  • Does Property-xRM do everything older legacy, industry CRMs do?

    No. We deliberately and intentionally keep things easier. We make sure that each feature we offer is thoughtful, practical, and simple.

  • Is Property-xRM a "game changer" in Property Management?

    No. Property-xRM is not the first Property Management CRM. However, Property-xRM improves on every aspect of property management CRM solution. Property-xRM builds on the technology you use daily (such as the Web, Facebook, Email, Google Apps, and more) and helps you work smarter and more effectively, so you can focus on what matters most people.

  • Does Property-xRM offer drip campaigns?

    No. "Drip campaigns" is not a built-in feature in the application. (We also feel people don't like to be "dripped" on with meaningless messages.) However, the Property-xRM application does provide an industry-leading workflow platform that you can use to build custom follow-up campaigns for any type of lead, contact, or past client. The workflow system's only limit is your imagination.