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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM ?

Why Property-xRM by Metadata with over 13 years of collective CRM expertise choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM as their weapon of choice?

Property-xRM’s choice was quite simple. We have a deep desire to see our clients’ organization improve. When we get in touch with prospects and customers, we focus on ways to add the most value, with the highest impact, and at the reasonable cost.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

We initially started off with the leading CRM platforms and now, we have dedicated our expertise completely on Microsoft Dynamics platform starting from Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 and now with the World Class “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online” that is been used worldwide!

Experience Everyday with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When we talk to CEOs, CFOs and CTOs about Dynamics CRM capability, they reverberate with the idea that sales personnel can send out beautiful and professional quotations with the help of a click – right from the initial meeting – and that this means that their sales pipeline is completely updated and totally dependable. They smile when we demonstrate our “single canvas” salesforce automation capability with all information at hand – empowering sales agents. We call it “table striking” when a manager looks at the dashboards in the system and hits the table with excitement because everything they have been looking for is just right in front of them! Also, we see the excitement in their eyes that our solution might just work for them, be used by their team, and generate real value and revenue to their businesses.

We have simply never seen a client have this sort of reaction with any other CRM solutions, but we experience this every day with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

If you really want to understand why Microsoft Dynamics Platform is the best the market, it is because of:

  • The right balance of functionality.
  • Usability.
  • Flexibility and cost.
  • Rapid deployment capability.
  • Mobility
  • Cloud-based
  • Scalability

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and – the leaders in CRM for automating and enabling sales organisations worldwide.

Click the link to read Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report on CRM for Sales Force Automation workloads.

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