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Advanced Marketing CRM Software

Marketing CRM Software

Many businesses find marketing difficult to build, expensive to manage, difficult to analyse. In most of the cases, this critical activity goes ignored, which results in lesser profitability and revenue. Marketing CRM Software changes it all! Marketing CRM Software helps to accomplish the accurate outlook regarding the power of all marketing channel for your product. Our Marketing CRM Software makes it effortless to generate and run email campaigns, track new customers, and grow your real estate company without breaking your budget. Thanks to the comprehensive Marketing CRM Software functionality that helps to market your properties and fill in vacant units!

Marketing CRM Software Powered by ClickDimensions

Property-xRM Marketing CRM Software functionality is powered by ClickDimensions, which is one of the top Marketing Automation add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Marketing Software asist to strengthen leads and gain them set for the sales crew. Marketers often hold marketing crm software to organize and track marketing campaigns, mainly email campaigns and mass business to customer communications.

Marketing CRM Software Powered by ClickDimensions

Campaign Management

With Campaign Management, you will be able to plan and send out campaigns systematically that improves the brand message and consistency. Also, you will be able to engage with your potential customers as you bring Marketing Visualizations to reality.

Marketing CRM Software for Real Estate Development


Marketing CRM Software for Real Estate Development

Property-xRM’s Marketing Module powered by ClickDimensions brings in extensive capabilities for the Real Estate Developers to perform Email Marketing, Lead Scoring Mechanisms, Web Tracking, SMS/Text Marketing, Nurture Marketing, Form Capture, Landing Pages, Survey Management, Campaign Tracking and much more!

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Increase Leads for your Sales Agents to build their Pipeline!

With the advanced lead scoring and behavioural data, you will be able to find out how your prospects and customers are engaged. This will enable your team to drive sales effectively with the highly qualified leads right from Property-xRM.

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