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Commercial CRM Solutions

Commercial CRM Solutions

commercial crm solutions for business

Commercial CRM is specifically built for Real Estate Developers. Property-xRM provide the ideal commercial CRM solutions for owners, investors, brokers and more. It is bundled with full-fledged Property Modules,not much of its kind the CRM market that initiates a connect between Real Estate Developers and the latest technology. Commercial CRM is an intelligent CRM tool that helps Property Developers and their employees to get access to key Customer, Sales or Revenue data for better decision making on a daily basis.

Commercial CRM Features

complete commercial crm solutions

The good part is that it comes with the Commercial CRM Solutions module as well! Commercial CRM provides integrated property management features for Sales and Leasing of commercial units allowing owners, managers and investors access to information specific to their needs.

Complete Commercial CRM Solution

With Commercial CRM, there are various Real Estate professionals enjoying an easy and effective commercial management process in the Real Estate industry. The unit split and merge function in the solution helps in managing combined units faster.

Commercial CRM lets you describe commercial real estate workflows and business processes and assign responsibility to named individuals at every step of the way.